Design collaboration is our medium.

We design in the open with our clients through workshops and online working sessions. There are no surprises – no “big reveals.” Project teams meet two or three times a week to look at work-in-progress and design together in real time.

We become experts in the domains and businesses we work with.

We’ve become fluent in many complex and sometimes obscure business domains. By investing ourselves in the domains we work in, we make it possible to become an extension of the product/service/design teams we collaborate with and to represent and respect the needs of their customers and clients.

We are makers.

Whether it’s food, art, cars, or furniture, everyone on our team is constantly in the process of making. We’ve designed hundreds of systems, tools, apps, and dashboards. We’ve refined the process of making down to what’s necessary, functional, simple and satisfying. Our goal is to produce strategy and design artifacts that are usable and meaningful to everyone (not just us).

The work we do has a long shelf-life.

Our philosophy is to design and build for the now while always keeping the big picture in mind. We think 3-5 years into the future while still meeting the constraints of the current context. As a result, the work we do can often serve as a roadmap or vision owned and executed by the leaders and teams we collaborate with.

We’re not afraid to throw things away.

Our experience has taught us that ego has no place in the process. Our job as designers is to advocate for people, not for a particular design. We are constantly challenging our own work. We do not “defend” or “sell” design work and we won’t shy away from radical changes in direction (even late in the game) if there is an opportunity for better alignment with users’ needs and expectations.