• American Express

    Futuredraft led a major effort at AMEX to rethink their global information architecture and customer engagement model.

  • Bank of America

    Futuredraft worked with BofA teams to make it easier and faster for customers to complete common tasks using the bank’s mobile and online banking tools. Starting with a week-long deep-dive session with BofA’s senior leadership, the combined team rapidly designed, prototyped and tested a number of concepts that were curated and iterated to support the short-term needs and long-term goals of BofA customers.

  • Change Healthcare

    With over 180 products, Change Healthcare is the world’s largest healthcare payment systems company. Futuredraft has worked with numerous businesses and teams at Change across payments, risk, quality and patient experiences. We’ve helped to simplify, accelerate and bring transparency to business and consumer processes that have traditionally caused drag. We helped to take a cohesive and integrated approach to the customer experience in an industry overwhelmed by technology half-measures and regulatory bureaucracy.

  • Chase

    The Futuredraft team collaborated on a multi-year project to redesign Chase’s prospect and online banking sites. This work began with an extensive concept design phase working with Chase’s product leadership. Throughout the project, designs and experiences were validated and iterated with Chase customers. An extensive competitive benchmarking study was completed to optimize rates and times of completion to ensure the new experience would lead the industry. When launched in 2012, the new experience generated dramatic improvements in customer engagement and trust. Much of this work is still in place after more than six years.

  • Fox

    We’ve worked with the popular cable and digital network for more than five years. We helped Fox develop a behavioral model for viewers that has since become a cornerstone of their advanced advertising business. We’ve worked with them to develop numerous viewer profile and advertising data/inventory tools as well as new business models.

  • GE

    Futuredraft has worked with GE across many different industries, designing products and experiences for sustainable energy infrastructure, drone inspection services, transportation, container port management, and healthcare. Futuredraft played an early role in the development of GE’s design framework, collaborating with the design team to make it more flexible and scalable across the company’s many different business verticals.

  • Fortune 500 Brokerage

    Futuredraft has helped xxxxxx to become number one for customer experience in the industry. Futuredraft has collaborated closely with numerous xxxxxx product leaders on more than forty projects including the redesign of xxxxxx’s mobile app, Client Summary, messaging experiences and planning and investment education experiences to name a few. Futuredraft played a key role in starting xxxxxx’s enterprise-wide journey mapping effort, hosting many of the largest project sessions at our workshop space in Oakland CA. This relationship continues, with projects planned well into 2020.