The core curriculum includes:

  • Training for physical stamina
  • Reflecting and deepening our design practice
  • Developing presence
  • Live capture, synthesis, and public sketching
  • Refining frameworks for understanding
  • Seeing ecosystems
  • Understanding the human condition
  • Pushing against our own boundaries

Contact us if the Futuredraft Mastery program calls to you.

The Futuredraft Mastery program is led by our co-founder and CEO, Hans Krueger.

Hans is one of the three founders of Futuredraft. Previously, he was one of three founders of the global design firm MetaDesign, where he served as CEO for the first 12 years of the firm’s existence. In addition to his business acumen, Hans over the years has become a student of the human condition. He brings to Futuredraft a solid foundation: the knowledge that designers can do their best work when they master their ability to perceive and articulate while minimizing the interference of their own filters.

  • Committed to changing the world through design
  • Design makes the possible tangible
  • Design produces a holistic understanding of complex systems
  • Design provides clarity and coherence, leading to commitment and action
  • Design can address underlying organizational structures that block progress
  • Design can activate an organization’s full potential