In these three- to six-week sprints, our continued collaboration evolves and refines the ideas into more tangible concepts so they can be validated internally and with customers.

Futuredraft’s proven co-design process is highly iterative and generative. The key to success is to move fast and question everything. What emerges from this process are ideas that are fueled by their own momentum.

What do concept sprints do for you?

  • Amplify and extend the momentum from the Immersion
  • Increase the chances that the ideas take hold
  • Maintain the spirit of inclusiveness from the Immersion and bring in other stakeholders
  • Knowledge, ideas, and insights continue to flow into the process
  • Prioritize, combine, and consolidate ideas, looking for synergies

Models & Journeys

Our rigorous approach begins with the customer's journey and relevant design principles, then moves to create system models for the solution.

Regular Working Collaborations

We lead directed collaboration sessions, both in-person and remote, to generate and iterate on the concepts and exchange new ideas.

Tangible Results

Sprints result in concept models, high-fidelity sketches and prototypes that are easily shared and understood by internal or external audiences.

Parallel Processing

All the various activities and disciplines inform and multiply the pace and depth we can achieve together.

  • Committed to changing the world through design
  • Design makes the possible tangible
  • Design produces a holistic understanding of complex systems
  • Design provides clarity and coherence, leading to commitment and action
  • Design can address underlying organizational structures that block progress
  • Design can activate an organization’s full potential

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