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We help people invent, design and build complex transactional systems and experiences that are fast, flexible, easy to use and beautiful.

About Futuredraft

Futuredraft in a nutshell

Our team is composed entirely of highly experienced, senior designers and consultants. You work with the people who sell the work, not a B-team hiding behind the bleachers.

We are active listeners and highly engaged collaborators. We focus on creating the right design, not on convincing people that we are right.

What’s it like to work with us?

Design collaboration is our medium.

We design in the open with our clients in workshops and online working sessions. There are no surprises – no “big reveals.” Project teams meet two or three times a week to look at work-in-progress and design in real-time.

We become experts in the domains and businesses we work with

We’ve become fluent in many complex and sometimes obscure business domains. Investing ourselves in the domains we work in makes it possible for us to become an extension of the product/service/design teams we collaborate with and to represent and respect the needs of their customers and clients.

We are makers

Everyone on our team is constantly in the process of making (food, art, cars, furniture). We’ve designed hundreds of systems, tools, apps, dashboards, etc. We’ve refined the process of Making down to necessary, functional, simple and crisp elements. Our goal is produce strategy and design artifacts that are actionable and meaningful to everyone (not just for us).

The work we do has a long shelf-life

Our philosophy is to design and build for the now while always keeping the big picture as close as possible. It’s common for us to think 3-5 years into the future while keeping in mind the current context and constraints. As a result, the work we do often has a long-term impact as a roadmap and vision owned and executed by product leaders and teams.

We’re not afraid to throw things away

Our experience as taught us that ego is not part of the equation. Our job as designers is to advocate for people not for a design. We are constantly challenging our own work done during projects. We do not “defend” or “sell” design work and we won’t shy away from radical changes in direction (even late in the game) if there is an opportunity for better alignment with users’ needs and expectations.

Who we work with

Who we work with

Are you a visionary? We know how to work with product and service teams to bring vision to life – creating products for their customers that change how business is done.

A short list of Futuredraft clients

  • American Express

    Futuredraft led a major effort at AMEX to rethink their global information architecture and customer engagement model.

  • Change Healthcare

    With over 180 products, Change Healthcare is the world’s largest healthcare payment systems company in the world. Futuredraft has worked with numerous businesses and teams at Change across payments, risk, quality and patient experiences. We’ve helped to simplify, accelerate and brought transparency to business and consumer processes that have traditionally caused drag in an industry that has been overwhelmed by technology half-measures and regulatory bureaucracy.

  • Fox Broadcasting

    We’ve worked with the popular cable and digital network for more than five years. We helped Fox develop a behavioral model for viewers that has since become a cornerstone of their advanced advertising business. We’ve worked with them to develop numerous viewer profile and advertising data/inventory tools and new business models.

  • GE

    Futuredraft worked with GE across many different industries, designing products and experiences for sustainable energy infrastructure, drone inspection services, transportation, container port management, healthcare and more. Futuredraft played an early role in the development of GE’s design framework, collaborating with GE’s design team to make it more flexible and scalable across GE’s many different business verticals.

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