Futuredraft Immersions


Futuredraft Immersions are intense one- to five-day collaboration sessions which surface knowledge, sketch ideas, and plot a path forward.

Concept Sprints


Futuredraft Sprints are three- to six-week design sprints that generate, prototype, and test ideas to make them more and more concrete.

What Futuredraft does for you:

  • Bring immediate clarity to complex system design and organizational challenges
  • Activate the knowledge of your teams
  • Quickly explore a multitude of potential solutions and allow the best ones to emerge
  • Move forward with a proven co-design model to iterate and validate ideas

See our clients and what questions they ask us

  • Committed to changing the world through design
  • Design makes the possible tangible
  • Design produces a holistic understanding of complex systems
  • Design provides clarity and coherence, leading to commitment and action
  • Design can address underlying organizational structures that block progress
  • Design can activate an organization’s full potential